Service Line Warranties of Canada

Partnership between Service Line Warranties of Canada and the Municipality of Central Huron 

The Municipality of Central Huron has entered into a partnership with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC), to offer eligible homeowners optional repair plans to help protect their homes against potentially expensive emergency repairs to water service lines and sewer/septic lines on their private property.

Participation is optional and voluntary for homeowners. The program is solely managed by Service Line Warranties of Canada and uses no public funds.  A homeowner who chooses to enroll in this program can do so with the knowledge that the Municipality of Central Huron in no way warrants or is liable for the work or performance of Service Line Warranties of Canada.

Service Line Warranties of Canada Did you know? As a homeowner you are responsible for the water  sewer service lines buried on your private property. A breakdown to these lines could happen without warning resulting in an unexpected and costly emergency repair. The lifespan of a service line depends on many factors including construction material, soil conditions and use and the location, number and species of nearby trees. While not typically covered by basic homeowners’ insurance, residents are encouraged to check with their current provider to find out what their coverage is in this area, and to arm themselves with information such as deductible amounts and exclusions if the coverage is offered as an add on. Residents may also consider coverage from an external service plan provider.



Service Line DiagramService Line Diagram
  Coverage Plans Available
  • Exterior sewer/septic line coverage: covers the cost of repairing broken, leaking or clogged outside sewer/septic lines, up to the applicable benefit amount. This coverage would be approximately $7.25 + HST per month. 
  • Exterior water service line coverage: covers the cost of repairing broken or leaking outside water lines, up to the applicable benefit amount. This coverage would be approximately $5.00 + HST per month.
  • A hotline available 24/7, 365 days a year 
  • Pay $0 for covered repairs up to a benefit amount 
  • Repairs performed by an insured and licensed plumber 
  • One year guarantee on covered repairs 
 Who is Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC)?
SLWC is an independent company, separate from your local utility or community. Plans are available in over 65 Municipalities across Ontario, and SLWC is partnered with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario as well as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Why did Central Huron partner with SLWC?

  • Educating residential property owners about their responsibilities for the maintenance, repair and replacement of water service and sewer lines (portion from their homes to the property line) – at no cost to the Municipality of Central Huron.
  • Assuring the Municipality of Central Huron that all repairs are performed to code and that all appropriate permitting is pulled.
  • Reducing expense to property owners and the Municipality of Central Huron because the service plans encourage residents to report exterior water service and sewer/septic leaks in a timely manner. Timely exterior water service line repairs conserve water and reduce water loss for the Municipality. Timely sewer/septic line repairs also minimize wastewater pollution, helping the environment.
  • Resulting in fewer calls and involvement of Municipality of Central Huron personnel regarding infrastructure that is the responsibility of property owners saves overall taxpayers money.

Doesn’t my homeowners insurance already cover these repairs?

Typically, no. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they are responsible for the repair and replacement of broken or leaking utility lines on their property. While most basic homeowners policies will pay to repair the damage created by failed utility lines, they typically do not cover the cost of the repair of the line itself. SLWC encourages residents to call their insurance company to determine their actual coverage.

Does this coverage include well lines?

Yes, coverage provides for repair or replacement of either water service or well lines.

How can I stop getting mail from SLWC?

To be removed from future mailings, contact SLWC by calling 1-844-616-8444

 For more information, you can visit their website or call toll free at 1-844-616-8444.