Planning and Zoning

The Council of the Municipality of Central Huron will hold a Special Meeting of Council to discuss revisions that may be required to the Central Huron Official Plan. This meeting is a legislated meeting under Section 26 of the Planning Act, RSO, 1990. The Special Meeting of Council will be held: Monday May 27, 2024 at 10:00am at Town Hall (23 Albert St., Clinton). The community is invited to share ideas about their vision for the Municipality and the policy direction to manage future land use and growth. A virtual option is available for those unable to attend in-person. Any person may attend and/or make written or verbal representation about what revisions may be required. For more information email or contact the Municipal Office via mail or telephone. 

Planning services ensure that the Municipality of Central Huron is planned and developed in a manner that meets the existing and future needs of our communities. Planning services are provided through the County of Huron in coordination with Central Huron Municipal staff. Planning staff conduct research into a variety of land use planning matters including changing Provincial policy and emerging issues affecting a broad range of economic, environmental and social factors that contribute to the community. The department also manages change in the community through direct involvement in built heritage preservation and enhancement, urban design, economic development, and the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment, all with the view of building and maintaining a healthy, balanced community.

Planning applications for minor variance, zoning By-Law amendments, temporary use zoning, deeming's and holding zones are processed and approved by the Municipality of Central Huron.

Planning applications for Official Plan amendments, consents and plans of subdivision are vetted through the Municipality of Central Huron Council, however, they receive final approval from Huron County Council.

Minor variances

If your proposed property change does not comply exactly with the Zoning By-Law, but follows its general intent, you can apply for a minor variance.

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Official plan amendments

Central Huron's Official Plan describes the goals, objectives, and policies for long and short-term development within its communities. It deals with issues such as what services (i.e., sewers, watermains, and roads) will be needed, and where new housing, commercial areas, hospitals, and other land uses will be located. The Central Huron Official Plan came into effect in May 2018.


A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form two new adjoining properties. This is commonly known as a land severance but more formally it's called a consent.

Local Municipal official plans contain specific land division policies. Making changes to your existing property through the division of land, rights-of-way or easements may also require land severance approval.

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Subdivision and condominium

When you divide a piece of land into two or more parcels in order to sell one or more, you are subdividing property and the provisions of the Planning Act come into effect.

To subdivide land within Huron County, you need approval of a plan of subdivision from Huron County Council.

A condominium plan is a plan of subdivision in that it's also a way of dividing property. Similarly, condominiums must be approved by Huron County Council.

Condominiums are a form of property ownership in that title to a unit is held by an individual together with a share of the rest of the property, which is common to all owners.

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We recommend that if you are interested in any planning services that you review the planning fee schedule and also, review our Zoning page.