Planning and Zoning

Planning services ensure that the Municipality of Central Huron is planned and developed in a manner that meets the existing and future needs of our communities. Planning services are provided through the County of Huron in coordination with Central Huron Municipal staff. Planning staff conduct research into a variety of land use planning matters including changing Provincial policy and emerging issues affecting a broad range of economic, environmental and social factors that contribute to the community. The department also manages change in the community through direct involvement in built heritage preservation and enhancement, urban design, economic development, and the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment, all with the view of building and maintaining a healthy, balanced community.

Planning applications for minor variance, zoning By-Law amendments, temporary use zoning, deeming's and holding zones are processed and approved by the Municipality of Central Huron.

Planning applications for Official Plan amendments, consents and plans of subdivision are vetted through the Municipality of Central Huron Council, however, they receive final approval from Huron County Council.

Apply Online via Cloudpermit

We understand that not everyone will be able to submit digital files and we will still be accepting hard copy submissions to our office. Paper copies can be found on the Huron County website

 Planning Applications Accepted on Cloud Permit

The following permits will be accepted using Cloud Permit: 

  • Minor Variance
  • Rezoning
  • Official Plan Amendment 
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Municipal Addressing

All other applications are to be submitted to Huron County. However, you may receive an email from Cloud Permit with login details.

 How to Create a Cloud Permit Account

To get started with Cloud Permit, you need to create an account. Note: you will need an email address to use the system. 

  1. Go to the Cloudpermit website
  2. Click on the account column titled Register
  3. Provide your email address
  4. Cloudpermit will send an email to the address you have provided. 
  5. Open the email and complete the registration process (note: this validation email is only valid for 24-hours)

The next time you visit the site, you'll use your email and password.

 How to Start a New Application

Log in to Cloudpermit.

  1. Click Create a New Application in your Dashboard
  2. Give a name for your application and click Next
  3. Select Province and Municipality from the drop-down menus in Location for the application section
  4. Enter the property's address or a roll number to find your property. You can also click and drag with a mouse on the interactive map with GIS to search for the property on the map
  5. Select Planning approval for the application type
  6. Select Project Type
  7. Select Category, Scope, and Proposed Use. Some applications may not include the selection of scope and proposed use
  8. Approval applications usually require a pre-consultation before submitting the approval. Your municipality authority will inform you with the following notification at the bottom of this view. 
  9. Click Next
  10. In the Summary, click Finish & Create
  11. The pre-consultation workspace opens. Follow the instructions to fill our the pre-consultation request, if required
 How to sign off and submit your approval application
  1. You have now provided the required application data. The Required Tasks progress bar shows that all requirements are met in the approval
  2. Click Sign Off Application
  3. In the Sign-Off view, scroll down to Affidavit and Signatures
  4. Check which roles must sign off your application. Depending on your application's scope and proposed use, the declaration may require, for example, an Agent, or a Property Owner, to sign off on it
  5. If you have given yourself the required roles in the Parties to the Application section, click Sign Off on each section. Cloudpermit trickers the role from your party card
  6. If the sign-off form requires an affidavit, you must provide it
  7. Click Download Affidavit. Fill out the affidavit and click Upload Affidavit
  8. Next, click Submit Application
  9. To download the signed-off form, click Download Signed Form
  10. Save the file on your computer
  11. Click Submit Application to send it to the municipal planning authority
How to create a pre-consultation request
  1. In the Dashboard, click Create a New Application
  2. Select Create a New Project
  3. Type a name for the application 
  4. Click Next
  5. Fill out the rest of the pre-consultation request
  6. In the Pre-Consultation request, invite parties to collaborate and add all necessary attachments
  7. Once the request is completed, click Request Pre-Consultation
  8. You have requested pre-consultation from your local government planning authority. Cloudpermit will notify you by email after your local government planning authority starts processing your pre-consultation request
 Payment Options

Payment can be made in-person or mailed to: 

Municipality of Central Huron

23 Albert Street, PO Box 400

Clinton, ON, N0M 1L0

Note: we can only accept cash, cheque, or debit. 

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