Marriages and Civil Ceremonies

Couples getting married in Ontario will need a marriage licence, an authorized marriage officiant and two witnesses. Your marriage must be performed by an officiant who is authorized by the province of Ontario to properly and legally perform marriages. Please visit Service Ontario for a list of authorized officiants.

Applications for a marriage certificate or a marriage licence are available online at Service Ontario or by contacting Town Hall.

Marriage licences can only be issued 90 days prior to your ceremony.

We ask that you allow for 5 business days for us to process your marriage licence. 

Civil ceremonies

We are not currently offering civil ceremonies on site at this time.


Marriage licence application - $115.00

Civil ceremony (On site at Town Hall) - $300.00

Civil ceremony (Offsite/After hours) - $350.00

Civil ceremony witness - (Municipal staff at Town Hall) $50 per witness (2 are required)

Civil ceremony cancellation fee (within 72 hours of event otherwise its non-refundable) - $100

Frequently asked questions

Who can marry legally in Ontario?

Any person who is at least 18 years of age may marry. No person under 16 years of age may marry. Any person who is 16 or 17 years of age (other than a widowed or divorced person) may marry with the written consent of his/her parents or legal guardians. A special consent form is available for this purpose from the Municipal Clerk's Office, Town Hall, 23 Albert St, Clinton ON N0M 1L0. If any person whose consent is required is unavailable or refuses to consent, an application may be made to a judge to dispense with consent. For further information regarding consent, please contact the Municipal Clerk's Office at 519-482-3997.

Where and when can I get a marriage licence?

Applications for a marriage licence are available at Municipal Clerk's Office, Town Hall, 23 Albert St, Clinton ON, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Marriage licenses are issued Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is not necessary to book an appointment in advance. 

Do I require any other documentation if I have been married before/divorced in Canada?

The original or Court certified copy of the Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute is required at the time when a new licence is issued. A copy of the divorce document can be obtained from the Court where the divorce was finalized. There will be a fee applied by the Court in order to issue and certify the divorce document.

Do both applicants have to be present to purchase the licence?

It is not necessary for both the applicants to be present to purchase a marriage licence. One party may obtain the licence providing that the completed application, the identification and any documentation required are provided for both applicants. Both applicants must sign and date the application form before an application form can be processed.

What documents are required to apply for a marriage licence?

The application must be signed by both parties and presented with two pieces of original valid identification for both parties. Copies will not be accepted.

If any of your identification is in a language other than English or French, you must present it with an official translation of the document.

Two pieces of identification are required (one of which must include a photo). The identification accepted is:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driver's Licence
  • Ontario Health Card (with Photo)
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian Government refugee travel document
  • Conditional release identification car
  • United States green card
  • Native status card
  • Record of immigration landing
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Citizenship card from any country
  • Ontario photo card.
  • One party present to purchase license: Divorce Papers to be produced: - If either party has been previously married and divorced in Ontario, the ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPY of the Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce must be produced prior to the issuance of the licence. 
  • No verification is required for a widow or widower.

Who can perform a marriage ceremony?

If you are getting married in Ontario, you may have a religious or civil marriage ceremony. A religious ceremony is performed by a religious official of a recognized religious organization who has received authorization from the Office of the Registrar General to perform marriages in Ontario under the Marriage Act. A civil marriage can be performed by an Ontario judge, Justice of the peace or Municipal clerk under the authority of a marriage licence. The date and time of the ceremony must be arranged by the applicant. The applicants must also arrange for 2 witnesses to be present at the ceremony. An additional fee is applied to a civil marriage ceremony.

How do I access past marriage records?

The Office of the Registrar General maintains records of marriages that were officiated in Ontario during the past 80 years. Records beyond 80 years old are sent to the Archives of Ontario for public accessibility. To obtain a marriage certificate for an event prior to 1925, visit Archives of Ontario for more information.