Notice of Special Council Meeting (Roads Tour) August 31, 2022

This will serve as official notice that a Special Council Meeting (Roads Tour) has been called for Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 9:00 AM. This Special Council Meeting is held under authority of Section 239 (b) & (e) of the Municipal Act, 2001 for:

  • Education or training of members, provided that at the meeting, no member discusses or otherwise deals with any matter in a way that materially advances the business or decision-making of Council, local board or committee (Municipal Act, Sec. 239 (3.1, c. 32, Sched. A, s 103(1)), regarding the Council Roads Tour.
  • This meeting is closed to the public. 

Kerri Ann O‚ÄôRourke, Clerk, Central Huron, 519-606-1223