Maitland Valley Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety - January 3, 2023

Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety

General watershed conditions are being assessed for high runoff potential that could lead to flooding, and to remind the public of general river safety issues.

The Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety issued on Dec. 30, 2022, is being extended for all municipalities in the Maitland and Nine Mile River watersheds.


A Colorado Low will track through the Great Lakes region and is forecast to bring rain to southern Ontario through Wednesday. Scattered showers are expected to develop later today (Tuesday, January 3 2023), followed by steady light rain beginning Wednesday afternoon. A total rainfall accumulation of 20-30 mm is predicted for the Maitland watershed. Saturated ground conditions remain from the rain and snowmelt this past weekend, therefore rivers and streams will respond quickly to additional runoff.


Streams and rivers are expected to reach similar levels experienced this past weekend when many watercourses approached or slightly exceeded bankfull. Minor flooding in typical low-lying areas is again likely. These elevated flow conditions will continue into the weekend. Significant flooding is not anticipated at this time. 


Municipal officials are again encouraged to check drainage systems and monitor low-lying and flood prone roads. We remind people that slippery and unstable streambanks and cold-water temperatures will create hazardous conditions around all watercourses.


Maitland Conservation is monitoring watershed conditions and will provide an update if warranted.


This message is in effect until the afternoon of Sunday January 8, 2023.


- End of Message -


Jeff Winzenried, Flood Forecasting Supervisor            



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Jayne Thompson, Communications Coordinator

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