Maitland Valley Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety - February 22, 2022

Watershed Conditions Statement

A Texas Low will continue to track through the Great Lakes region today and is expected to bring 10-15mm of rain to the Maitland watershed along with a continued stretch of mild temperatures, reaching up to 9°C by this evening.
The snowpack has condensed considerably over the last few days and is susceptible to a quick melt. Snow water equivalents were measured in numerous locations yesterday and showed wide ranging values of 20-80mm water equivalent, with the lesser amounts in windswept open fields. It’s important to note that frozen soil surfaces were also observed in some locations. The rate of runoff will be dependent on rain amounts but is currently expected to cause a rise in river levels similar to what occurred last week, with many watercourses approaching or slightly exceeding bank-full conditions. Flooding in traditional low-lying areas is expected.
A rapid drop in temperatures tonight will prevent a prolonged melt event but may result in flash freezing and jamming of drainage pathways. Areas with existing ice jams are particularly at risk. Municipal staff should monitor local problem areas and be prepared for the closures of low-lying roads.
Residents are reminded to use caution near all watercourses. Ice on rivers and ponds will become very unstable today. Slippery streambanks and extremely cold and fast-flowing water will combine to create hazardous conditions.
Small increases in rain amounts will result in significant increases in melt and quickly heighten flood risk. Maitland Conservation staff will be closely monitoring the situation and will provide an update if conditions change. 
Contact: Jeff Winzenried, Flood Forecasting Supervisor 519-357-0890
This message will remain in place until 4:00 pm on Friday February 25, 2022.