Carlsun Energy Media Release


November 14, 2022 

For Immediate Release

Carlsun Energy is pleased to announce it has taken the first step in exploring the potential development of a clean fuels and fertilizer plant in Central Huron at the former Bluewater Youth Centre property, previously purchased by the municipality from the Province.

Carlsun Energy and Central Huron have signed a binding letter of intent for Carlsun Energy to lease the fenced-in 30-acre portion of the property to develop the site into a production hub for clean hydrogen and clean ammonia.

“Canada is pursuing many avenues to be at the forefront of the transition to a low-carbon future. Investing in clean hydrogen and clean ammonia infrastructure is an opportunity for Ontario to lead. Right here in Huron County, we have a great opportunity and ideal regional characteristics to become a globally significant producer of clean fuels and fertilizer,” says Jason Van Geel of Carlsun Energy. “As we explore this opportunity, we will be engaging with municipalities and the public to provide understanding of the proposed scope and to listen to input. This project has the potential to be an exciting step forward for the region, both in the very near-future and for generations to come.”

The project can also serve to provide stability for the farm sector through the production of clean nitrogen fertilizer, crucial for both supply chain security and reducing emissions in agriculture. It can also offer low-carbon fuel alternatives to farmers and a tangible opportunity for the agriculture sector to lead, and benefit from, the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“This potential development aligns with Central Huron’s vision to identify diverse economic opportunities that benefit the municipality, while protecting our agricultural base. We are excited to be on the forefront of clean energy production in Ontario and to support our agricultural sector,” says Central Huron Mayor Jim Ginn.

The proposed project is early-stage and will be subject to all appropriate reviews and approvals.

About Carlsun Energy Solutions

Carlsun Energy Solutions is an independently owned Canadian engineering and contracting company with over 20 years combined experience managing large-scale renewable energy projects and hydrogen integration for industry.

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