2024 Official Plan Review

The Municipality of Central Huron is updating the Central Huron Official Plan. 

An Official Plan (OP) provides short and long term vision for land use, growth, and development within the municipality. 

Section 26 of the Planning Act requires that municipal Councils review their OP not less than every five years. Central Huron's last review was in 2014 therefore another review is required. 

The Planning Act requires the review to ensure that the OP has regard for matters of provincial interest and is consistent with policy statements. The Provincial Policy Statements (PPS) was recently updated in 2020 from the previous version in 2014; it is anticipated that an update to the PPS will be released in 2024. The Central Huron OP requires review to ensure consistency with the PPS as well as matters of provincial interest. 

Central Huron's OP is required to conform to upper tier Official Plans under Section 27(1) of the Planning Act. The Huron County OP was reviewed and updated in 2021. 


A Special Meeting of Council to discuss revisions that may be required to the Central Huron Official Plan will be held on May 27, 2024 at 10:00am at the Town Hall (23 Albert St., Clinton). A virtual option is available for those unable to attend in-person; a Zoom link can be found on the meeting agenda. This meeting is a legislated meeting under Section 26 of the Planning Act, RSO, 1990.

Have Your Say

The community is invited to share ideas about their vision for the Municipality and policy direction to manage future land use and growth. Those wishing to participate in the planning process are encouraged to send their comments or concerns via email or mail to:

  • planning@centralhuron.com 
  • Mailed to the Municipal Office: Attention - Official Plan Review (23 Albert Street, PO Box 400, Clinton, ON, N0M 1L0)
  • Calling the Clerk: 519-482-3997 ext. 1246
  • Oral comments may also be expressed at the meeting.

Please note that comments and opinions submitted on these matters, including the originator's name and address, become part of the public record and may be viewed by the general public and may be published in a Planning Report, Council Agenda, or Council Minutes. 












Background Resources:

 Frequently Asked Questions
 What is an Official Plan?

The Official Plan is a strategic policy document that guides the long-term vision for growth and development of communities, as well as the protection of key resources.

The Official Plan contains both policy (text) and land use designations (mapping).

 Who uses the Official Plan?

The Official Plan can be used by many people including the follow:

  • Property owners who want to develop or redevelop their property
  • Municipal staff and Council to guide decisions on how the municipality changes
  • Future residents or business owners who want to know what is permitted in the neighbourhood they want to buy a house or establish a business in
 How does the Official Plan affect me? 

An Official Plan affects everyone by:

  • Determining the location, types and densities of housing;
  • Regulating where businesses can be established;
  • Protecting natural areas;
  • Identifying where growth and infrastructure should locate in future.
 Why is the Official Plan being reviewed?

The Planning Act requires that Municipal Councils review their OP not less than every five years; as the last review occurred in 2014, another review is required.

Changes in the community since the last review include:

  • increased commercial and residential development;
  • shortages in housing overall and specific shortages in affordable housing;
  • increased frequency of extreme weather events; 
  • and demographic shifts.

It is important the Official Plan is updated to reflect how physical change will occur in response to changes in the community and the effects on social, economic, built and natural environment.

 Who is involved?
  • Community Members
  • Local interest groups (BIA, agricultural reps, service clubs, etc.)
  • Central Huron and County Councils
  • Staff from Central Huron and Huron County Planning & Development Department
  • Agency and technical staff (Conservation Authority, Municipal Engineer)

If you and/or a community group are interested in participating in the review, please contact planning@centralhuron.com 

 How can I participate?

The meeting to discuss possible revisions to the Official Plan is being held on May 27, 2024 at 10:00am at the Town Hall (23 Albert St., Clinton). There is also a virtual participation option.

There will be many options for public consultation including in-person and online.

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 Where can I find updates regarding this project?
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