Melena Beach Municipal Drain

Additional Melena Beach Municipal Drain Information Meeting

Thursday August 27, 2020

9 a.m.

Libro Hall, Central Huron Community Centre

238 Bill Fleming Drive, Clinton

COVID-19 Restrictions in place. See the official meeting notice for more details. Attendance limited to 50 people. Please wear a mask.


Virtual Design Review Meeting Question and Answers


Melena Beach Municipal Drain - Virtual Design Review Meeting

A video presentation has been prepared by G.M. BluePlan Engineering for the Melena Beach municipal drain. Land owners are requested to review the video and submit all questions to Brad Bunke ( by July 15, 2020.


Proceedings Under the Drainage Act - Melena Beach Drain

To aid in the understanding of the drainage process listed below in chronological order are all normal proceedings with the notation “Completed” beside those of which that have been completed. This listing is a summary of many but not all parts of the Drainage Act and applies to the ordinary course of events. Further proceedings are available, and for these the Drainage Act should be consulted directly.

  1. Submission of a Petition.  Completed.
  2. Notification of the Project to the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). Completed.
  3. Engineer appointed.  Completed.
  4. On-site meeting.  Completed.
  5. Determination of sufficiency of petition (Section 4). Sufficient.
  6. Preparation of Draft Design and Report.  Completed. (Item not required under the Act)
  7. Consultation with Landowners. In-Progress. (Item not required under the Act)
  8. Report considered by Council and a By-Law is adopted.
  9. Court of Revision convened to consider and deal with appeals on assessment if necessary.
  10. Appeal is available from the decisions of the Court of Revision and on other matters to the Ontario Drainage Tribunal.
  11. Disposition of appeals by the Tribunal, or if none, final passage of the By-Law, which establishes the drain in law and authorizes construction.
  12. Construction of Municipal Drain Extension.
  13. Levying and collecting of assessments.

The Melena Beach Drain is currently on Step 7 on the above list.

Through consultation with the Municipality it was agreed that a video presentation was the safest method of presenting the Draft Design and Report to the Landowners under the current provincial State of Emergency. As noted within the video we ask that all questions be submitted up to a pre-determined date (July 15th), after which time we plan to compile questions and provide a cumulative series of responses. We feel this is the most efficient and cost effective method to address Landowner comments and concerns. Please remain mindful that one-on-one consultation for each land owner, landowner representative, associated family or friends will dramatically increase the overall time towards this project and subsequently increase the non-construction costs including engineering. As with all projects under the Drainage Act these costs are born by the landowners affected by the drain. We hope everyone can appreciate the steps taken to ensure efficiency and cost control during these unprecedented circumstances.

As stated in the video presentation, please submit all questions or comments via email by July 15th, 2020 to the Signing Engineer, Brad Bunke, P.Eng. -