UPDATE: Huron County Fire Ban

Huron County Fire Chiefs Association

Friday, July 17, 2020
Huron County (July 17, 2020) – On July 8, 2020, the Huron County Fire Chiefs declared an open air fire ban in Huron County. As of July 17, 2020 conditions have not improved and therefore there will continue to be no open air burning or fireworks permitted and no burn permits issued in Huron County until further notice. Open air burning is defined as an uncontained fire in any open place, yard, burn barrel, field or area not enclosed by a building or structure. Campfires contained to control the spread of the fire and confined to 1 meter in diameter for the purpose of cooking are permitted from noon (12:00pm) to midnight (12:00am). After midnight all fires must be completely extinguished. This fire ban is being imposed due to the extreme dryness of all vegetation in the area. - Do not leave any fire unattended and completely extinguish fires when finished. - With seasonal crops being harvested, farmers are encouraged to use extreme caution when operating equipment as field fires can quickly overtake equipment, neighboring crops and these fires can spread quickly into adjacent woodlands. - Use extreme caution when parking or refueling engines on dry grass/fields. - Do not just drop or discard cigarette butts from vehicle windows. If you discover an unattended open air fire, it is very important that you report fires immediately to 9-1-1. Do not delay reporting while attempting to control or extinguish. No burn permits will be issued until the ban is lifted. This ban shall remain in effect until further notice.

If you have any questions regarding this order, please contact your local Fire Department.
Howick Township – 519-335-3202
North Huron – 226-523-9500
Morris Turnberry – 519-527-0160x28
Central Huron - 519-482-3997
Bluewater – 519-236-4351
Huron East – 519-527-0160x28
South Huron – 519-235-1981
Goderich – 519-525-7229 or 519-524-8344
Lucknow – 519-357-6100
Ashfield–Colborne-Wawanosh – 519-524-4669
Media Contact – Shawn Edwards Huron County Mutual Aid Fire Coordinator 519-335-3202